University and College courses

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to any of them, we tutor it

Is the course taught in a college or university, and is it a math course? Is it a calculus course? Is it an algebra course? Is it a stats course? Cool :)

I tutor any high school math course

No exceptions! Take your pick!

Pretend you took a list of all the courses from your high school and put them here. Ok sweet! That means I tutor it! lol

I tutor SAT and ACT prep

I've taken both these tests and aced the math components

I can teach you how to ace these puppies no problem.

Want to be a cop? Fireman? Join the military?

Then you'll have to pass their math tests.

Luckily, I've been helping people pass these tests for years. I can help you pass these tests on your first try.

Need help with the actuarial exams?

Now we're getting serious. I have exam P and FM, and even got them my first try.

I have study guides and can tell you what it's like to take these tests, and how long you need to prepare. I can also tutor you through the tougher problems on both these exams.

I tutor reach ahead courses for all levels

From elementary students to the University level

I love helping young students get WAY ahead in their math, or even just to catch up if they are behind. If your son or daughter is bored with their math class, or just needs to catch up, I promise we will help them reach their math. Sometimes I even help students get 2 full grade levels ahead. How far ahead can you get?